Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Year That Wasn't

Looking back, 2010 wasn’t very good. There were floods, earthquakes, volcanoes erupting, heat waves, oil spills, droughts, financial meltdowns, mudslides, cholera outbreaks, bombings, foreclosures, bad eggs, auto recalls, and on and on. Feels like it was a year filled with a lot of bad news.

For me, bad news was also personal. I was sick for most of the year and couldn’t do a lot of things I would have liked. Being sick for an extended period of time sucked.

But when I look back, I realize that I didn’t have it as bad as some others. For example, I was fortunate not to make any headlines with my problems. Like, I didn’t -

- have to apologize for any irresponsible or selfish behavior involving an assortment of girl friends,
- get fired for bad mouthing the President,
- get trapped in a mine ½ mile below ground,
- get my “junk” patted down by a TSA agent,
- get trapped in an airport or stranded on a cruise ship,
- have my house foreclosed,
- have my wife’s Toyota accelerate out of control or loose it’s brakes,
- trash a hotel room in a drunken rage because I thought my paid escort stole my watch,
- get bitten by bed bugs,
- spill any oil anywhere,
- get laid off,
- get an unemployment check,
- get shellacked,
- get indicted for violating any ethics rules,
- have to go to court ordered rehab,
- have to testify in front of Congress, or
- have any family get killed or wounded in Afghanistan.

In comparison, I guess I didn’t have it as bad as some others. Being sick hasn’t been fun and I sure would like to get my life back like Tony Hayward wanted. But at least I didn’t make the evening news. Like many others, I’m glad to see 2010 finally come to an end.

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