Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's Not Fair

So, the President and others are raising the issue of fairness.  Seems like some folks aren’t paying their fair share (whatever that is), to deal with the deficit we need a fair and balanced approach, and there are these Occupy folks who think things are generally unfair.  This all seems to have come up all of a sudden and I can only guess as to why.  There have been rich folks and have’s and have not’s since Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden.  Wall Street bankers have always got paid lots and bank tellers haven’t.  We’ve had a progressive tax system with a bottomless pit of loop holes for years and years.  We did away with slavery, women got to vote, we have civil rights, truth in lending, we’ve got a slew of federal and state agencies looking out for our well being and all of a sudden things aren’t fair.

As I’ve aged, I’ve sorta got used to the way things are.  I don’t feel the government or anyone else owes me anything.  I don’t envy what others have.  And I really don’t care what tax rate Romney and Buffet are in as long as they pay what the IRS says they owe. 

And what is fairness.  It’s a pretty broad issue.  Webster’s defines it as follows; free from favor toward any one side, elimination of ones own feelings, right and proper, equal treatment.  Ok, but it still doesn’t answer the question of why all of a sudden are things not fair.  My guess is that the President and others have purposely stirred things up to get people riled, motivated, and divided (remember divide and conquer?).  

Well it got me thinking.  Instead of pointing fingers at rich folks, or getting pissed at the politicians, or trying to find out the truth from fiction that’s in the media, perhaps this is an opportunity to voice my opinion of what’s unfair.  Why not, everybody else seems to be doing it and unlike the Occupiers, I’ve got some specifics.  So here they are;

-          It’s not fair that the blood sucking insurance companies keep raising my premiums every year for no apparent reason other than to make more money. I’ve been a good customer; only had one claim in the past 20+ yrs and one speeding ticket in 40+ yrs of driving.
-          It’s not fair that my doctor, who I really really like and respect, gets to charge me $180 - $220 for a 15 min appt (that’s $700- 800/hr).  This is far and above everyone else I deal with.  My lawyer charges me $200/hr, my plumber and car mechanic charge $70/ hr, the contractor who works on my house charges about $40/hr, the lady who cuts my hair charges me $10 for a 20 min haircut, and the lady who serves me lunch on Wednesdays gets a $3 tip on a $10 lunch tab.
-          It’s not fair that the medication I take for my colitis costs almost $700 (without ins.) for a one month supply, yet that same drug in Canada cost about 60% less.
-          It’s not fair that we have to pay for full time legislators (state and federal) to do what is really a part-time job.
-          It’s not fair that I have to pay $50 every year to re-register my pop-up camper that gets used about 4 times/yr but only pay $40 every other year to register my truck that I use almost every day.
-          It’s not fair that the local gas station can change the price of gas every few days or whenever they want for gas that they paid a fixed price for when they got it delivered.
-          It’s not fair that when a public employee screws up really bad they usually get put on administrative paid leave while a private employee who screws up really bad will usually get fired.
-          It’s not fair that one 12 oz cup of Bud Light costs $8 at Fenway Park yet I can buy a 6 pack of that same beer for $5.

There, I feel better already and I think I found the answer.  Life’s not fair, but venting about makes you feel a little better.

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