Monday, March 19, 2012

Nirvana Never Looked So Good

I like to meditate.  It calms my mind, forces me to slow down and appreciate things in the current moment.  During a recent stay in FL, I developed a nice routine of meditating at an oceanfront location overlooking St Augustine Beach.  I enjoyed sitting out by the water in the late afternoon and would start my meditation listening to the waves and birds.  It was very relaxing and easy to switch off my mind and just be in the moment.  It was so relaxing, that at times I would catch myself briefly falling asleep as my head would start to slowly fall towards my chest.

This particular day, I made my way out to the beachfront and found my usual chair.  It was a beautifully warm and sunny day with lots of blue sky and light breezes.  The beach in front of me had numerous people, mostly young people vacationing on spring break.

I got relaxed, closed my eyes, and started to focus on my breathing and the sounds of the waves.  It was really peaceful.  My breathing was deep and slow and it was easy to reach a focused state that only had my being at the moment.  The sounds were there, my breathing was there, the warmth of the sun, but no other thoughts.  I usually mediate for abut 45 minutes.  I don’t know how long I was there, but at some point between the waves and my breathing came a faint voice that said ’Sir?”  Move waves and a breath, then again “Sir?,  Then once more “Sir, would you mind taking our picture?”

I slowly opened my eyes and before me, not more than two feet away, where two young women.  College age I would guess.  One having blonde hair and the other with brown.  I was wearing sun glasses so they couldn’t see that my eyes had been closed.  I had not heard them approach and my lack of response and motion, explained while they were leaning over and staring directly into my face.  As my mind came out of the waves and my breathing, I was able to focus on the two women in front of me.  Both were slender, had sun bronzed skin, smelled of Coppertone, and were wearing nothing but very small black bikini’s.  The word “surfer girls” came into my brain recalling the image of Kate Bosworth in the movie “Blue Crush”.  The one with brown hair was holding out her pink iPhone to me and repeated her request “Sir, would you mind taking our picture?  All you have to do is press this button“.  As I slowly stood up, I redirected my eyes to the iPhone and grabbing it responded with “Sure“.  Standing shoulder to shoulder with the ocean and waves in the background, they posed for me flashing cute smiles.  Flashing my own smile, I snapped their picture, but wanting to savor the moment a bit longer, said “Hold on while I take another.“   I took the second picture and got a “thank you” in stereo as I handed back the iPhone. 

Both scampered off down to the beach and I returned to my seat.  I tried to regain my focus on the breathing and waves, but it was no use.  I couldn’t get the image of the two black bikini‘s and the smell of suntan lotion out of my brain.  I looked at my watch and took note that I had meditated for about 30 minutes.  Not bad.  In fact, as I got up and started to walk back to my condo I looked back towards the beach and reflected that on this trip, Nirvana had never looked so good.

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