Friday, October 12, 2012

Debate Questions No One Is Asking

After watching three political debates in the past week, I’m really disgusted with much of what I’ve heard.  I think I can also add frustrated and insulted as additional sentiments.  I’m hearing a lot of stuff (and malarkey) that has no direct bearing on me and I’m hearing a lot of lies, damn lies, and twisted statistics being thrown about.  

I can’t wait for all of this to be over.  The only real definitive action I can take on this is to vote.  But in my dreams, I’d sort of like to be a moderator at one of these debates and ask questions that mean something to me.  Here are some samples of what I’d be asking.

Mr. President – do you really think I and the rest of the country will be better off if Warren Buffet and some other rich folks pay more federal tax?  Is that going to make me more safe and secure, more healthy, and better off?  If so, how?

Mr. President  - why should anyone be asked to pay more taxes when we have our tax dollars being wasted by the GSA on conventions to Las Vegas, the ATF running guns to Mexico, and millions on failed loans to green energy companies?  Should we clean up the waste before we ask folks to pay more?  What are you doing to clean this up?

Mr. President – According to the Labor Department, there are 12 million citizens unemployed.  You have said that hiring 100,000 teachers is the key solution to solving the unemployment problem?  If you are able to do this, there would still be 11.9 million unemployed.  What are you going to do to help them?

Mr. President – our government spends more than we collect in taxes requiring us to borrow money each year.  In 2012, we will spend $1.1T more than we will collect in taxes and we now have a debt in excess on $16T.  Even if you enacted higher taxes on the wealthy, which is estimated to bring in $47B over 10 years ($4.7B/yr.), what would you do to close the remaining $95.3B annual budget deficit and $15.53T in debt?

Mr. President – under Obama care, you said that my insurance premiums and healthcare costs would go down, but over the last 2 years they have continued to increase.  What are you going to do to reduce the cost of my health care?

Mr. Romney – It now costs me almost $100 to fill up my vehicle with gas and it costs me over $2,400 per year to heat my house with oil.  What do you plan to do to help reduce these costs? 

Mr. Romney – what are some of your plans to address chronic diseases and illnesses that are afflicting our population?  Cancer research funding at the Depart of Health and Human Services is a meager $5B/yr. and cardio vascular disease is the number one killer of people.   Shouldn’t the government play a much greater role in the area of finding solutions in this area?  What would you do if elected?

Mr. Romney – prior to wars in Irag and Afghanistan, our defense budget was approximately $400B.  The defense budget is now close to $700B.  With the Iraq war over and Afghan war winding down, why can’t we cut the defense budget by at least $100B/yr.?

Mr. Romney – many companies and even our federal and state governments outsource jobs to overseas countries.  While this helps reduce expenses, costs and lowers the cost of services, it results in us enriching other countries to the detriment of our own citizens.  Would you support changes that would make it less advantageous or penalize companies to outsource jobs overseas?

Professor Warren – You keep saying that Washington is rigged for the big guys?  I’m not sure what that means, but if you’re elected, by what measures will we be able to see and determine when it’s not rigged for the big guys and how will this benefit me?  Does it mean that you will submit legislation to outlaw lobbyist and PACs?  Does it mean and you and other candidates will no longer accept corporate campaign contributions?

Professor Warren – if you eliminate some or all of the tax incentives that big oil companies qualify for, do you think these companies will “eat” those added expenses and accept lower profits or pass them along to the consumers in the form of higher fuel prices?

To all the candidates – as a an adult voter, do you really think that telling me I can trust you and then portraying your opponent as a dishonest boogey man will make a difference in how I vote?

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